A… a… CHOO!

Hello readers!

My sincerest apologies for my absence last week. I succumbed to a cold I had been fighting off and it took rather longer than expected to recover.

I’m the only person I know who can catch a cold in warm weather. It seems to defy all logic. Perhaps the next time I should say I’ve caught a hot? Although that implies fever, which fortunately I didn’t have. Just a horribly snotty, grotty nose and constant headache (which rather interferes with writing blog posts) and never ending sneezes.

This post will detail my awful sinuses and become quite grotty. My sinuses are a law unto themselves and I’m hoping someone will comment and help me and my sinuses feel less alone.

I have to say, I am quite an extreme sneezer. I like to make them big and loud in order to get everything OUT of my nose. If I try and sneeze quietly, or even worse, hold it in, snot just builds up in my nose and I feel worse, and the need for a tissue suddenly hits critical point. Fun fact: If you sneeze on the Metro in Paris, even when covering your mouth, everyone in your immediate vicinity will move away from you. It’s a great way to get a seat.

I am also the loudest nose blower I have ever come across. I am absolutely incapable of blowing my nose quietly. A friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a number of years, commented that me blowing my nose sounded like a rapidly deflating mattress. I think it’s the force I use when blowing my nose. Again, I want absolutely everything out of my system. Blowing my nose softly or quietly does nothing to empty the never ending snot machine that is my sinuses, particularly when I have a cold.

My sinuses and I have a long, long history. I have a number of allergies, a combination of eczema from my mother’s side and everything else from my father. Except the peanut allergy, no one knows where that came from- yay for mystery allergies! I’m terribly allergic to cats- I have to take two antihistamines at a time when visiting a friends house just to combat her two cats for a few hours. As a kid, my Granny had several cats and lived in the countryside. The combination of cats and pollen in the spring time meant she had to keep a special medicine in the cupboard for me to take as soon as I got there. I’m allergic to grass. I’m fairly certain I’m allergic to my own sweat- it certainly exacerbates any itchiness I had. There’s dust too, of course, but everyone has issues with that.

Aside from those obvious irritations, my sinuses also react to the weather and air pressures. If I go from a hot outside into an air conditioned room, I sneeze within thirty seconds. If it’s been hot for a few days, then it’s a cold rainy day, then hot again, my sinuses go into overload- she must be sick! Run that nose like a broken tap! I will also have problems if it’s breezy and the wind goes up my nose the wrong way. It is most trying.

Boyfie somewhat understands my trouble. He has a long nose, and like a filter feeder, manages to inhale dirt and sand and on one occasion, glitter. There are several boxes of tissues in our house- one in the lounge/kitchen, one outside and one in the bedroom (NO). We never know when I might have a sinus overload or when his nose gets sniffly due to foreign contaminants. We all know the panic of needing a tissue and there not being any around.

Mother Dearest once thought she was funny by mailing me a pack of tissues from an online promotion. Imagine my surprise when I finally had mail that wasn’t junk or bank statements, and it’s a packet of tissues.

My sinuses do not seem to care whether or not I eat well and get enough Vitamin D (the actual vitamin that keeps your sinuses and immune system in check). I can eat poorly or healthily and the result is still the same. I am certainly less sniffly when I don’t eat junk, but it doesn’t go away entirely. I am still blocked.

As we all know, sinuses connect mouth, throat and ears. My ears do suffer from my sinuses. I don’t have any hearing problems, but they often feel clogged up. I clean them every few days, but it doesn’t do anything, really. When they’re particularly blocked, I speak very quietly in order to avoid shouting. Although people can’t hear me when I do this, so it’s a work in progress.

A not always thought of defect of having such a sensitive nose is an aesthetic one. I’ve always wanted a nose piercing, but knowing how badly my nose reacts to imaginary foreign bodies, imagine how I would go with something permanently stuck there! I’d rather not take the risk, especially because of how tender piercings are for the first few weeks.

This battle has only become worse over the years. I have seen numerous doctors and tried numerous things to keep the sniffles at bay. Nasal sprays, antihistamines before bed, dusting/vacuuming regularly, eating an orange every day. None of it works for very long, if at all. A doctor asked me once if I snore (I do. So does Boyfie) and she suggested it was polyps in my nose and if I really wanted, I could get scans and have them removed, should it be the case. I am hesitant to do this. What if it goes wrong and my nose gets worse?

On the plus side, you can rely on me to always have a tissue handy. I’ve felt the dread of being out in public and being overcome with sneezes without a tissue to hand one too many times. I once wiped my nose on a receipt I had in my bag because it was all there was. I have certainly upped my game in that department.

You could say I have become an expert at using up every area of tissue. When you go through as many as I do, you don’t want any tissue or part of tissue going to waste. Call it thrifty, if you will.

Anyhow readers, I think I’ve ranted enough about my blasted nose. I am feeling much more perky and cheerful this week, which is the main thing.

I should leave you with one remedy for the cold (I have many). A friend once recommended honey, apple cider vinegar and hot water. It’s an odd taste, but it certainly soothes the throat. If you would like to leave your remedies for the cold in the comments, please do so!


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