Only Successful Candidates Will Be Contacted

Rejection is fun, right?

You get to go on this journey of disappointment, hurt, yelling “YOU LOST YOURSELF A GRAND EMPLOYEE, PAL” at your computer or phone, wanting to boycott the business and then after a bit of moping, pushing yourself to start applications all over again. And no, you won’t boycott the business because chances are, you would never have used them anyway. Sounds a bit like the five stages of grief, doesn’t it?

There are all kinds of rejection, but I’m specifically talking about jobs. As that is currently my main objective. The never ending search of Finding A Job.

Rejection should be used as fuel to the fire, to drive you in sending out more of them until finally, someone grants you the opportunity to show up in person and explain everything that was on your resume and in the application in the first place.

But after a series of rejections, it’s hard to pull yourself into that frame of mind. It’s hard to ask yourself, “What did I not put down correctly? What should I improve upon?” It’s hard to gee yourself up and send out more when your expectations of achieving the illusive “You were successful, you wonderful human being, you come work for us and show us why we were lost without you” call back/email are so low.

It’s hard not to take rejection so personally. They didn’t even meet you, how could they know whether or not they would have liked you? It doesn’t come down to liking a person from the application process, that comes down to the interview. But when even the application gets rejected, well, that’s a pretty low blow. I’ve had countless people read over my resume and I take my time with cover letters. Why won’t they take me to the next step?

And so many of these applications look the same. Especially if you’re applying in a certain field. For example, I am a Customer Service Superstar. Every application is a series of questions, that while worded slightly differently, are asking the same thing. “What is, in your opinion, a positive Customer Experience?” Your given a list of scenarios in which you choose the correct answer. And some of the answers can be a real toss up, given that there are so many variables in those scenarios that aren’t mentioned. And that can get so boring that you begin to give shorter answers, you become less focused and so your application isn’t considered.

As for experience? How are you supposed to gain experience if no one will give you a chance? Even mentioning that you’re a quick learner isn’t enough anymore. Courses only get you so far and even then, it’s not enough. When all you need is a foot in the door, someone to give you a chance, but that seems really rare these days.

My aunty is a big believer in what you put out to the universe, you get back. You put out positivity, you get positivity back. If you put negativity out, you get negativity back. Likewise, if you don’t expect to get the job, if you don’t have good vibes about receiving a call back, then it’ll never happen. To some extent, I think there’s a grain of truth in there somewhere. You only get out what you put in.

In saying that, there are mental blocks to overcome. A series of rejections builds a block and you have to pull yourself up with all of your might just to open that search page again. You keep telling yourself that something will come up, someone will give you that chance to show them what you’ve got.

It just hasn’t happened yet.

I’m unsure how to end here, readers. No grand promises of trying harder, or staying positive. This blog is an outlet after all, and as mentioned, it’s hard to stay positive when so much rejection is there in your inbox.

To all of you looking for work, in whatever field, I sympathise immensely. To all of you who have secured jobs, I hope they’re ones that make you happy and feel fulfilled.

One thought on “Only Successful Candidates Will Be Contacted

  1. Hi honey. It took me 87 applications after I graduated to get my first job. And THAT was before they invented the internet. Having spent most of the last 25 years applying for jobs due to working under contract, I understand your frustration. Nothing you can do but hang in there and wait.
    All the best.


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