“I am the Music Man… and I can play”


Today I’m going to introduce you to one of the neighbouroonies, whom I have dubbed Music Man.

Music Man doesn’t live in our unit block, but from our balcony, we can see into a number of yards. There are a few pools around and lots of foliage, which is lovely. There’s even a dip of ground that is inhabited by chickens (and rabbits… shhh) and a Person of Mystery who shows up occasionally to scatter the ground with bird feed.

Anyhow, Music Man is right below and we can see into his balcony. He stops people from peeping too much with a bamboo screen, which is fair enough. Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m no Peeping Tom, but well, we’re all a bit nosy from to time, it can’t be helped.

Music Man first burst onto the scene a few days into our arrival with a live DVD of Coldplay. On Repeat. It so happened that Coldplay were playing in Brisbane that night, so I assumed that Music Man was a fan and going to see them that night. I swear we heard Coldplay’s entire discography that day, multiple times in multiple orders.

Music Man doesn’t seem to play instruments himself, but he does have quite the variety of DVD’s. We have so far heard:

  • Coldplay
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • BeeGees
  • Pearl Jam
  • Phil Collins
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I know they’re DVD’s because when first trying to locate the source of Chris Martin’s whiny vocals, I saw a television set up on Music Man’s balcony and the footage from the DVD. Music Man does have a Spotify as well, having heard the ads. He must have had a fit of patriotism one day, as he had busted out the Aussie Classics interspersed with ads for Spotify Premium.

It’s quite pleasant when Music Man is home and blaring music DVD’s as we’re sitting on the balcony, it’s a nice atmosphere. He is yet to play something I utterly detest, but given his tastes so far, that doesn’t seem likely. Although I may soon come to hate everything Coldplay has produced if he plays it anymore often.

I feel I should point out, I’m not so nosy or stalkery as this makes me look, but when two balconys are actively used, it’s hard not to pick up on things, particularly as this brings me some level of joy.

Neighbouroonie Music Man is not the only musical man in my day-to-day life. Boyfie himself is quite the contender, with what can only be described as an… eclectic taste in music.

Boyfie doesn’t stick to one specific sound, genre or artist type (I believe they’re all the same thing… anyway). He goes for music with a catchy beat, songs with words that resonate with him no matter the sound. He even goes so far as to play “classics”, which I usually greet with a shudder and curious frustration at what he’s about to show me. A religious viewer of the show Rage he finds all sorts of weird and wonderful (but mostly weird) songs that I never in my wildest dreams existed. His classics are not ones you would find on any music station playlist.

He also loves the music videos, sometimes while hating the song, but the accompanying clip is just too good not to share. Youtube and Rage are his direct source of new music and occasionally the radio. I’ve never met anyone with such a diverse range of music tastes and so often. He doesn’t listen to one genre obsessively then tire of it and move to the next one, he bounces around from Metallica to 50 Cent to some random Rage artist. And I love him for it, especially as I tend to stick with the same artists and sounds and maybe once a year find something “new” that everyone else has known about for years.

I suppose, then, I should talk about my music tastes. Those who know me can skim this part, you’ll have heard this a million and one times.

Hands down, my absolute favourite band is Green Day. I found them at 13 years of age and never looked back. That was when they had released American Idiot and hand on heart grenade, that album changed my life. I was at this stage going through some life changes and becoming more curious about the world and world events, starting to develop my sense of justice. An ever increasing distrust in authority, American Idiot opened my eyes to the fact that you could rebel, you can give a “fuck you!” to whatever you want and you can do it however you want to- there’s no right or wrong way to do it, you do it however you can. I wanted so desperately to be what that album represented. Past albums shaped the foundation on a lot of my beliefs and stances today.

I finally saw Green Day live when I was 21. They were headlining Soundwave, another casualty in the music festival wars. It was the best 3 hours of my life and afterwards, I couldn’t begin to describe what I was feeling. 13 year old me couldn’t believe it. They were real, not just in videos and records, but real. They were exactly as I had thought they would be. And yes, I’m seeing them when they come to Australia this year (check out the post when it comes in May!)

I generally listen to punk and alternative bands. They speak to me in ways that are relatable. Boyfie says my music is too “emo” and that I “need something cheerful.” Which may be true, but I find that I often turn to music when I’m in depressive episodes. Like that quote, “When words fail, music speaks.” So when I’m in good moods, I don’t need anything to reflect it. Not as much anyway.

In recent years, I’ve taken to more poetic music with the likes of Florence and the Machine (LOVE HER), Mumford and Sons, and Of Monsters and Men. (Also any suggestions to similar bands are much appreciated!).

I used to be very elitist, that music like hip-hop and rap wasn’t “real music” and so they were fake artists. I have since, fortunately, changed my outset and become more open. I personally don’t like the sound, but I’m not going to judge you if you do. It’s all art, in the end and that’s what matters. It speaks to us in ways we can’t explain.

Lets have some fun! In the comments, leave behind your favourite artist from two different genres.

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