Short and Sweet?

Greetings Readers!

almost didn’t get this post out. It’s been a super hectic week, as the week before moving house usually is. We also had a kids birthday party on the weekend as well as my first ever basketball game (watching in the stands, not playing . My  stance on playing sports hasn’t changed). I haven’t been sleeping well due to the stress of moving and even though I stopped taking panadeine for my leg, the nightmares, or very strange vivid dreams, are still rampant.

But I committed to doing a post every Wednesday, and so I shall.

So. With all of that said, what shall we talk about tonight?

I suppose now would be a good time to introduce The Family. Or at least the siblings, for now. I am saving a special post for Mother Dearest.

I am the oldest of four offspring and therefore loved the most as I have been around longer  (Mother Dearest denies it of course, apparently she loves us all equally. She’ll come to sense sooner or later).

After me, there came a boy (henceforth known as Bro). I have educated him in the ways of Harry Potter, Pokemon, Dragonball Z and a number of other things. Some things he has taken further than me (I kind of got bored with Pokemon after the second generation) and there are still new things I want to show him as he grows older. In this day of the Internet and laptops becoming the norm more than paper and pens for school, he will undoubtedly find things before I show them to him. Or a total turntable and he finds things to show me. 

Then along came a surprise- twins. Twin Girls. They’re non-identical in every way. They look as different as they are different personalities and have been since they escaped the womb. As it was shown to me on Mum’s printed ultrasound when they told me it was twins, they shall be known as Twin A and Twin B.

Twin A is along the same lines as Bro and myself- can sit in front of the tv for hours at a time, loves games and food (especially of the sweet kind) and is slowly becoming a nerd/geek child. Which I love. She’s quieter than the other two, but as they say, it’s the quiet ones to watch out for.

Twin B is a sort of odd one out. She can’t sit still for any length of time and is very hands on. She loves to create. She’s always loved craft and recently has moved into baking (with some super results, it must be said). She’s loud and straightforward and seems determined to grow up and be a Big Kid. She is also sensitive and kind and loves little kids and furry animals (in saying that, she hates it when I watch Sir David Attenborugh as often he shows hunting scenes.Lions and wolves gotta eat too).

I feel as though I should elaborate somewhat on each of them. However, anecdotes of all kinds will spring forth in future posts and to be honest, it is almost 10pm and we’re up at 3:30am to get ready for the airport. I am somewhat exhausted. I am going to take a panadeine and put on a podcast to ease my mind and fall asleep.

And so I apologise for this short, rushed post. But at least I did it.

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