First Post (feat doggos)

The doggy pics are quite big and disproportionate to the post. I’ll work that out later…

So. Yet another blog joins the millions. What makes this one special? Not much. A place to vent and write down what is going on in my not so interesting life. As I like to inflict my thoughts and opinions on people, a blog seemed a good place to do that.

And here you are.

I guess this should be an introductory post. An explanation of this URL, perhaps. Well, in a nutshell…

Born in Scotland to a Scottish mother and father, I now live in Australia and have been since I was 12. Wait… that’s half my life! So I’m both Scottish and Australian. I guess part of the reason for this blog is also a journey of self identification. I would be a stranger in my home country, so unfamiliar with it all as I haven’t been there since I was 18. Yet I feel very much an outsider in this Lucky Country. But that can wait for another post.

Currently residing in sunny (not an exaggeration- it is perpetual summer here) Far North Queensland with my boyfriend- hereafter known as Boyfie- and his, well, our I suppose, dog,  Maximus Brutus Decimus. Cower before him!

Just lookathiiiiim

Max is as all small dogs are- determined to be the most dominant despite being smaller than a foot stool. He pees on every tree, pole, rock and blade of grass in sight when he’s taken for walkies. Runs barking to the door whenever someone knocks. It’s lucky for him he’s so cute and likes to cuddle under the blanket with you, as well as having an adorable penchant for sneezing whenever he gets over excited.

Anyhow. That photo was taken in midwinter Sydney where we were living in a sharehouse. We were planning on relocating to Brisbane, but not for a good few months- neither of us were working and so we needed time to save. Life was going relatively okay until things went south between the housemates and so Boyfie and I had a need to relocate quickly. Mother Dearest suggested we come and stay with her so that we could save and still have a place to stay. I flew up first to accompany Mum on a mini road trip around FNQ, NQ and CQ for tennis tournaments that my siblings were participating in (more about them in another post). Boyfie drove up with Max and his Mum, having their own Road Trip.

Now, Mum and Co also have a puppy. Panda, the Hairy Beast. Quiver before her mightiness!

This picture makes her look smaller than she is. She’s actually huge.

If a laid back hippie were to transfer their personality into a dog, Panda would be it. She is the most placid, most quiet, most hairy dog I’ve ever known. She has gradually come out of her shell since we adopted her, but barking is still a rare occurrence- since 2012, we can count on one hand how many times she’s barked around us. She would make a useless guard dog (and has actually proven it) but she’s the most lovable pup out there.

Given Max’s disposition to dominate other dogs (readily proven as he got into dog fights with his son), Boyfie was overly concerned about Max and Panda being together. Panda was not going to cause any problems herself- she’s a million times bigger than Max and Hippie Dog to boot. If there was going to be trouble, Max was going to be at the centre of it. For two weeks, I received multiple texts and had multiple conversations with Boyfie about introducing the two dogs. Panda should be on a leash like Max will be, shouldn’t have the kids all rushing to Max. Etc, etc, etc… At first patiently, then becoming increasingly bored, then increasingly agitated, I waved aside the worries- worst came to the worst, we could separate them and that would be that. Again. Again. And again…

Eventually, the time for the two dogs to meet was upon us. It was a balmy evening, if I remember correctly. A slight breeze in the palm trees. Not all the lights were on, casting a dim glow throughout the living room and kitchen. Panda was inside, no idea what was about to happen. No idea that another dog was about to enter, and stay, and more than likely try and maul her.

Max rose to the occasion spectacularly. I only wish I had videoed or photographed the meeting.

As soon as Max entered the front door and set eyes on Panda, it was lust at first sight. He ran up to her, jumped to his hind legs and started trying to hump her. Just picture the two dogs in your mind. Big Hairy Beast Panda and Tiny Max, who even on his hind legs doesn’t come up to her height. Attempting to Do the Nasty. Poor Panda didn’t seem to realise what was happening and just kept walking as if a tiny dog wasn’t attached to her leg attempting to make Love Puppies with her (which, actually, can you imagine how cute that would be?) Well, at least they were getting along.

None of us had foreseen this. Even Mum’s partner, who used to breed and train dogs, didn’t offer this as a potential situation.  Swatting Max away from Panda didn’t seem to be working, so we removed him to my, now Boyfie and I’s, bedroom so he could calm down and compose himself.

In the next two or three days, Max calmed down around Panda. But now Panda seemed to have realised what Max had been attempting. She started to follow him with her nose up his bum, occasionally going so far as to stick her own bum in his face. Dogs are so obvious in their desires, small or large.

It’s been nearly 2 months since that ordeal and both dogs have settled down. No small fluffy puppies on the horizon for now.

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