A Pleasant Surprise

Laura had called him the day before to tell him that she and the kids had a “surprise” for him. It couldn’t be worse than the last surprise she had planned, which had resulted in a burnt patch on the ceiling. Her husband had, of course, scrubbed and painted until it was good as new. The whole ceiling had had to be repainted!

Until Death Do We Part?

Day 1. Writing Prompt 25: “Want to play 21 questions?” “Sure.” “Have you ever participated in a seance?” Alex stretched across the bed. “Want to play 21 questions?” “Sure.” “Have you ever participated in a seance?” Joe leaned back against the wall. “Yeah, once.” Alex let out a snort. “You have not! When?” Joe shrugged. […]

30 Days Has September

Hello friends! My last post got some pretty good attention, certainly more than I was expecting for a hastily written short story (of less than 500 words). I was inspired somewhat to carry on with the idea of writing short stories (of more than 500 words) and while browsing the hellsite tumblr dot com, I […]

A Short Story

Has someone hijacked your brain and eyes to read these words? Is the voice a previous version of you before you had your upgrades put in? Is it a voice from your past, someone who meant something very much to you… but has since disappeared from your life?

A Short Post on Writing about Writing

Helloooo! How are you all doing? Coping? Thriving? Managing? Staying out of the void? Excellent. I have been thinking a lot about writing. What to write, how to write it. Why I’m writing it (or why I will be writing about it). Where to put it once it’s written. I’ve also been listening to a […]

Radio Silence

Hello! Here I am! How are you all? I hope you’re all doing just splendidly. So here I am, breaking the radio silence. My last post was… March? About the plumber? Well a quick update on that: two more visits with a new plumber and it’s working just dandily. Hoorah! This will be a short […]